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3 PT techniques that can vastly improve your lumbar spine extension

Lumbar Spine Extension

The lumbar spine consists of five vertebrae. When the lumbar spine is in an extended position, the vertebrae bend so that the spine curves inward. For someone with poor back extension, it may be difficult to get a full range of motion and could place added pressure on the spine. Back extension exercises are frequently implemented during physical therapy for a number of reasons. Some of these include pain management and increased muscle strength. If you have poor lumbar spine extension, your physical therapist can give you several different ways to improve upon this.

3 PT techniques that can help boost lumbar spine extension

  • Range-of-motion exercises — Range-of-motion exercises and other therapeutic exercises are beneficial for the lower back extension because these types of movements help improve flexibility in joints and muscles.
  • Strength-building exercises — Exercises that specifically target strength within the core and back regions can lead to improved spinal extension in the lower back region. When you strengthen these muscles, the spine receives more support, which in turn could alleviate some pain and decrease the stress placed on the spine.  
  • Soft tissue manual manipulation — Physical therapists are specially trained to manually manipulate soft tissue to break up any scar tissue and release tension in your muscles that might be contributing to your back extension problems.

These PT techniques are useful for anyone who wants to improve their lumbar spine mobility and flexibility. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a physical therapist for help improving your back. PT can help improve your condition and alleviate some of your lower back pain.

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Staying mobile is one of the best ways to prevent issues with your back extension functionality. We know that movement can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of. The physical therapists at Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy can guide you toward active recovery so that your lower back extension improves. We want to help you improve your quality of life and prevent the effects of lingering pain and injury.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a lumbar spine extension issue that is affecting your daily life, contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.