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3 reasons a physical therapist could be the most effective knee pain specialist near you

Knee Pain Specialist Near Me

Your knee hurts, and it’s keeping you from walking the dog, playing with your kids or grandkids, and doing other things that you love to do. Getting back to activities that you love is a powerful motivator to go looking for a knee pain specialist near you. 

Yet you’ll likely find that task a little harder than you anticipated. Which specialist should you choose? How do you know if they can help you? These are just a few of the questions that may flit through your mind as you stare at the pages of results that typing, “Knee pain specialist near me” brings up in Google. Read on to learn why physical therapists may be the most effective knee pain specialists near you.

3 reasons why a physical therapist could be the most effective knee pain specialist near you

Physical therapists can do a lot for people in pain. That may be comforting when you’re one of the 40 million people who report having knee pain. There are several reasons why a physical therapist near you may also be the most effective knee pain specialist for you. A few of these reasons include: 

  • Their musculoskeletal system knowledge — Ever heard of the musculoskeletal system? You probably have even if you weren’t aware of it. This system includes structures like your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. It also includes your joints. Physical therapists are extensively trained in the various parts of this body system. They’re also schooled in the many injuries and conditions that can affect your knees and other parts of this system. Some painful knee issues they can help you address are: 
  • Osteoarthritis. 
  • Ligament tears. 
  • Meniscus injuries. 
  • Tendon injuries. 
  • They offer many treatment techniques — There is another factor that helps make physical therapists so effective at treating knee pain. This is the slew of treatment techniques they can bring to bear on your pain. For instance, your physical therapist may develop a stretching program to help you reduce the pain of your arthritic knee. Also, they can use joint mobilization to reduce knee stiffness. This technique can also bring about a dramatic improvement in your knee’s range of motion. And that’s just a few of the PT methods your physical therapist can use to help address your pain. 
  • They’re committed to custom care — Going to see a medical professional shouldn’t make you feel like just another patient. What we mean is that it’s important that you receive care that’s customized to you. Physical therapists are committed to providing each patient with a personalized treatment plan. Such a plan will take several things into account. One of these things is your injury or condition and how severe your symptoms are. Your therapist will also assess your recovery needs and ensure that your plan is designed to meet them. They will also try to ensure that your plan will work toward your unique recovery goals. 

Peak Performance clinics are places where you can find knee pain specialists near you

Looking for a knee pain specialist near you in eastern North Carolina? You can find the specialized help you need at our Peak Performance Sports & Physical Therapy clinics. Our clinics offer free screenings to help people ease their way into physical therapy. They are also staffed by top-notch physical therapists. These professionals can create an individualized plan to treat your knee pain. 

Contact us today for more information about our knee pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment.