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Three meaningful benefits that physical therapy can offer you

Currently living with some type of acute or chronic pain? Maybe you’re struggling with back pain, a sports injury or impairments following an auto accident. Perhaps you have someone in your family who is living with fibromyalgia. A physical therapy specialist can help people dealing with these issues and more. 

Physical therapists are experts in human movement. They also employ drug-free, noninvasive techniques that benefit their patients in many ways. Check out these three meaningful benefits that physical therapy can offer:

  1. Low risk of adverse side effects

Unlike many medications and invasive procedures, physical therapy offers the benefit of having a very low risk of side effects. However, it can still be highly effective for reducing pain, swelling and inflammation. In addition, physical therapy techniques can require less downtime and can be modified and safely used on everyone from infants to seniors.

Some of the therapy techniques your physical therapist may use include: 

  1. Identifying and addressing underlying issues

Another benefit of physical therapy is that physical therapists can identify and resolve underlying factors contributing to your current condition. These factors can also be increasing your risk of chronic issues like arthritis. Some common underlying factors that physical therapists see are: 

If factors like these are left unaddressed, your symptom relief would likely be temporary at best. Your physical therapist can help you find longer-lasting relief by identifying and addressing them through services such as patient education.

  1. Maximizing functional mobility, capacity and performance

Helping patients maximize functional mobility, capacity and performance is a huge benefit of physical therapy. A physical therapist can help their patients get this benefit by: 

  • Improving endurance
  • Boosting core stability
  • Increasing coordination
  • Improving agility

Getting this benefit is vital for young, active people who play sports or have physical hobbies. And it’s even more essential for older people looking to avoid age-related debility.

Want beneficial physical therapy? Peak Performance has you covered!

Ready to find some long-lasting benefits for your injury or medical issue? Our team at Peak Performance is ready to help you get physical therapy that offers multiple benefits. We offer free screenings to pinpoint underlying factors behind your condition and how it’s affecting your body. Our team can then build you a personalized therapy plan intended to reduce your symptoms and address underlying issues. 

Can’t make it to one of our therapy clinics? No problem! Our specialists can help you through virtual therapy sessions that you can do right from your home. We can even get you started with your physical therapy if you don’t yet have a doctor’s referral. 

Contact us today for more information about the therapy services we offer or to schedule your initial appointment.