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Five simple ways to stay more active

Ways to Stay Active

Work is too busy. I’m too tired. The family activity schedule is so crazy. Most people can find plenty of excuses to avoid working out. 

Studies show that approximately 79% of Americans don’t get enough exercise to maintain good health. However, you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym or go for a run to increase your activity level. Here are five simple ways you can stay more active: 

1. Don’t take the shortest or easiest route

Speed is usually the name of the game in your busy life. However, taking more time to walk can be an easy way to stay more active. You can park at the far end of the lot so that you have to push a cart or carry a bag a greater distance. When you’re at work, you can choose to take the stairs — unless you’re running late for a meeting!

2. Use steps to “pay” for your lunch

No, we don’t think you can pay for your lunch in steps. What we mean is you can pretend any walking you do at lunchtime is the fee you’re paying to eat lunch. You can pay this fee by skipping the cafeteria in favor of a healthy eatery down the street if you’re working. Or, you can walk outside for 10 to 20 minutes before returning to your brown-bag lunch. People who are retired or working from home can walk to the nearby grocery store to gather the ingredients for lunch. All these options are easy ways to stay more active.

3. Switch to a standing desk

It’s amazing how much healthier simply standing in place is, compared to sitting, but it’s also a simple way to stay more active. For one thing, you burn more calories while standing up. You might also find yourself hunching less, and this can help reduce neck pain and headaches. Standing for part of the workday can also boost fitness by keeping blood sugar more steady after a meal and by encouraging more movement overall.

4. Have a chore session every day

Doing a 20- or 30-minute chore session a day can add up to a cleaner, more organized space. It also gives you a simple way to stay more active. You can certainly get a lot of toys put away during that time. A daily chore session is also a great time to mop a floor or weed the herb garden. After all, even these commonplace tasks can help burn calories and build up your muscles.

5. Go see a physical therapist

Most people might think that physical therapy is simply intended to address the aches and pains that keep you from pursuing an active lifestyle. They can, but physical therapy sessions can also be a workout in themselves. The therapeutic exercises included in many therapy sessions can help you meet your weekly cardio and/or endurance goals. 

Your physical therapist is also a great resource for giving you tips on how to stay more active. He or she can go over what a normal day looks like for you and offer advice on how to make it a more active one. If chronic pain is an issue, your physical therapist can show you specific moves that you can do without increasing your pain.

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