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Arthritis treatment in Havelock, NC


Arthritis is a degenerative disease that tends to affect people as they get older. Arthritis can be very painful and can limit range of motion in the affected joints making some daily activities a struggle. If you’re in the Havelock, North Carolina area, Peak Performance physical therapy can help you understand your arthritis treatment options.

What is arthritis?

In the most general sense, arthritis is inflammation in a joint that causes pain and stiffness. There are many types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis is the most common affecting up to 27 million Americans. With osteoarthritis, the cartilage that cushions and protects your bones from rubbing against each other begins to wear away. Osteoarthritis can develop in any joint where there is movement, but most often affects:

  • Knees and hips
  • Shoulders
  • Back and neck
  • Hands and wrists

Osteoarthritis can cause bone to grow to help support the joints where cartilage has worn away. This excess bone growth can put pressure on your nerves which can also cause pain.

How can physical therapy treat my arthritis?

While nothing can regrow lost cartilage due to wear and tear, physical therapists have several effective treatment options to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. Joint mobilization manual therapy, for example, can be used to increase range of motion and reduce stiffness.

In addition, the therapist is also likely to prescribe strength building exercises for muscles around the arthritic joint. The increased muscle can help support the joint and reduce the painful feeling of bone rubbing on bone. He or she may also use a TENS unit for treatment. The electrical stimulation improves blood flow to the joint, reduces inflammation and can block some nerve pain signals to the brain.

Scheduling arthritis physical therapy treatment with Peak Performance

Arthritis is a degenerative disease, but it does not have to degrade your quality of life. The physical therapists of Peak Performance are skilled in treating all types of arthritis and will create a customized treatment plan based on your needs and rehabilitative goals. If you are in the Havelock, North Carolina area, contact us today to set up your initial appointment.