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Concussion therapy in Swansboro, NC

Concussion Therapy

Suffering from a concussion can be a traumatic and confusing experience. Whether caused by an automobile accident, workplace accident or sports injury, head injuries should receive immediate medical attention no matter what because the symptoms may not always be apparent until it’s too late.

As news stories have shown with professional football players suffering from the effects of years of repeated concussions and other head injuries, avoiding treatment can have a devastating effect, resulting in issues like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE.) However, even just suffering one concussion and not receiving treatment can potentially have long-term consequences, including headaches and fatigue.

If you live in or near Swansboro, North Carolina, and you’re seeking concussion therapy, we hope the following information can help. Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy can provide concussion therapy with a range of effective treatment options at our Swansboro clinic. To learn more about our locations and treatments, please get in touch with us today.  

Benefits of physical therapy for concussion treatment

Many patients recommended to undergo physical therapy for a concussion are surprised to learn that concussion therapy is an effective form of treatment. While every head injury resulting in a concussion is different and requires a different treatment approach, these two physical therapy techniques can be highly therapeutic in specific ways:

  • Therapeutic exercise — A common result of a concussion is decreased blood flow to the head. Aerobic and strengthening exercises performed with the guidance of a physical therapist can increase blood flow and improve the brain’s healing process.
  • Manual therapy — A head injury and whiplash to the neck are often closely related and it is sometimes hard to tell which problem symptoms are caused by. Manual therapy can help with both by improving joint mobility, loosening damaged muscle tissue and improving circulation.

Other concussion therapy treatments may include vestibular therapy to help restore balance and aquatic therapy.

What to expect at Peak Performance’s Swansboro clinic

When you come to our clinic in Swansboro for concussion therapy, you will receive an individualized plan from one of our expert physical therapists based on a full assessment and evaluation of your medical history. We work closely with your primary care physician or other physician to ensure continuity of care and physical therapy that is right for your diagnosis.

To learn more and to schedule an initial appointment with our caring team, contact us today.