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Do I need physical therapy in Jacksonville, NC?

Physical therapy

Pain when driving to work. Difficulty walking around the grocery store. Pain that keeps you from completing a whole workday. These are just a few of the issues that could cause you to ask the question above. 

If you’re considering physical therapy, you’re not alone. In fact, medical researchers reveal that nearly 12 million Americans used outpatient therapy in 2011. Additionally, you’ll find experienced physical therapists in Jacksonville, North Carolina, who can help you with a wide range of problems. 

What issues can physical therapy help with?

Physical therapists are licensed rehabilitation professionals with years of training and experience. They use the latest technology and modern methods to treat a variety of conditions, including:

The typical goal of physical therapy is to help increase the strength and flexibility of muscles and ligaments around the injured area. If you’re experiencing an issue that is limiting your physical performance, a treatment plan from a local physical therapist can help.

How does physical therapy help?

Physical therapists are capable of diagnosing your condition and providing treatment. To do this, they will perform a physical examination and ask you some questions about your health and medical history. Your physical therapist will also take the time to discuss your recovery goals.

They will then carefully craft a treatment plan to fit your individual needs, and you can generally expect some of the following to be part of your plan:

Some physical therapy clinics also provide aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is designed to help patients recover strength and mobility with less stress and impact, and it can help reduce swelling around your joints and decrease pain.

Ready to get physical therapy in Jacksonville? Peak Performance can help!

Would you like help from a physical therapist in overcoming your physical limitations and regaining a better quality of life? Our Peak Performance team in Jacksonville is here to help you get the therapeutic care you need. Our physical therapists offer free screenings that can help you begin your physical therapy process. Furthermore, we excel at constructing personalized therapy plans to fit your specific needs. 

Need a clinic that’s closer to you? We operate from six clinics in eastern North Carolina, including a second one in Jacksonville. If you would rather schedule an appointment at one of our other locations, please find one that’s more convenient for you on our locations page. 

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