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Does virtual physical therapy work?

Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual physical therapy is a relative newcomer in the physical therapy realm, but it can be very effective for many people. 

This type of therapy leverages technology to help people access therapeutic care. It typically involves patients working with a physical therapist over a secure video feed, much like a Zoom call. It’s also called things like telerehab and telePT. Studies show that most people are satisfied with the help they get during telePT. In fact, one study found that telePT patients gave their care a 91.2% approval rating. 

What is involved in virtual physical therapy sessions?

Though your session takes place online, a telePT session involves many of the same aspects as an in-person session. This includes some of the steps your physical therapist takes to help you, such as: 

  1. Diagnosing your condition — Your physical therapist can use a combination of movement tests and questions to diagnose the injury or condition you have. 
  1. Educating you about your issue — Your physical therapist can also inform you about the issue you’re dealing with and its symptoms. 
  1. Treating your issue — Your physical therapist can also develop an individualized treatment plan to treat you. This plan can include: 
  • Therapy exercises.
  • Assistive device recommendations.
  • Suggestions about how much rest and movement you need. 
  • Using ice or heat to help reduce pain. 

What issues can virtual physical therapy treat?

TelePT is very customizable, which means it can be effective for many musculoskeletal issues. Some issues that your telePT sessions can help you with include: 

Peak Performance offers virtual physical therapy that can help you

Where can you find telePT from an experienced physical therapy team? At Peak Performance, our therapists are adept at helping patients both in-person and virtually. We can help you figure out what issue is causing you pain and other symptoms, and our physical therapists excel at building therapy plans that are personalized to fit your needs. 

Contact us today for more information about the telePT services we offer or to schedule an initial appointment.