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Finding aquatic therapy near Greenville, NC

Aquatic Therapy in Greenville NC

People visit physical therapists for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are battling a chronic condition or recovering from an injury. Maybe you simply want to improve your physical fitness. Regardless of your reasons why you want to visit a physical therapist, you may be able to benefit from aquatic therapy.

Aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy that takes place in a pool of water. A licensed physical therapist guides his or her patients through exercises, stretches and other techniques in the pool to help reduce pain and improve strength and mobility. 

The physical therapists at Peak Performance Physical Therapy in North Carolina offer aquatic therapy treatments at our clinics. We include this treatment in many physical therapy treatment plans because:

  • Water helps cushion falls
  • Water helps support people who have trouble balancing
  • Water naturally soothes aching joints and sore muscles
  • Water provides natural resistance, which can eliminate the need for weights

What kinds of people need aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy can help many different types of people. Your physical therapist can let you know if you are or are not a good candidate for aquatic therapy. 

Below are some of the common conditions that we can treat with aquatic therapy:

  • Back pain — The natural buoyancy of the water in aquatic therapy can help reduce stress off your spine and muscles. This can help reduce pain in the back and allow you to move more freely for your treatment.
  • Arthritis — One of the struggles of arthritis is the inability to move joints without pain or to move them at all. Aquatic therapy can help soothe joint pain and improve your ability to move if you have arthritis. People with arthritis may find it easier to exercise and move in an aquatic environment.
  • Sprains — It’s difficult to move around when you have a sprained ankle. Physical therapy can help restore your motion, especially in the water. You’ll be able to walk sooner in water than you would be on land. This allows physical therapists to monitor your gait to ensure your treatment is targeting the areas that need it most.

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