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Four reasons you may need physical therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome in Jacksonville, NC

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the most common causes of wrist and hand pain is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a condition that develops due to irritation and inflammation along the median nerve that runs through your wrist and hand. This irritation and inflammation is usually the result of repetitive activities that strain the wrist and put pressure on the carpal tunnel, which is the housing in your wrist that contains and protects the median nerve. 

Treatments vary for carpal tunnel syndrome depending on its severity. In many cases, physical therapy can help reduce and prevent carpal tunnel pain. Take a look below at four of the benefits of visiting a physical therapist for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment.

1. Physical therapy helps reduce pain

One of the main reasons people seek treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is to reduce the pain it causes. Physical therapists use natural treatments that help reduce pain in the wrist and hand, including:

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Stretches
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Wrist posture guidance

2. Physical therapy helps improve strength and flexibility

Carpal tunnel syndrome limits the use of your hand and wrist, which leads to weakness and tension in the muscles and other soft tissue around the wrist. Physical therapy exercises and stretches can keep these muscles strong and flexible, which helps with pain and can improve your range of motion and grip strength.

3. Physical therapy reduces your dependency on medication

People frequently rely on medication to help deal with pain caused by conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. The problem with this is that medications often cause unwanted side effects. 

Physical therapy treatments are all-natural and empower your body’s own abilities to reduce and prevent pain. This can help reduce your dependency on pain medications.

4. Physical therapy reduces the chances you will need surgery

In cases of severe carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery may be necessary for treatment. However, physical therapists can help prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome from developing to the point of needing surgery for treatment. This is beneficial because surgery is painful, comes with risks of infection and has a long recovery time. 

In the event that surgery is necessary for your carpal tunnel syndrome, physical therapists can still help. Physical therapy is an important part of helping you prepare for and recover from surgery so you can get back to your normal routine. 

Visit Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy in Jacksonville, NC, for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

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