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Hand pain treatment in Jacksonville, NC

Treating Hand Pain

Hand pain is tough, because it can keep you from doing a lot of things you love. When your hands are in pain, you’re limited in participating in sports, working or doing things around the house. In today’s age, hand pain limits your use of the computer or your cell phone, which can be bothersome for many of us.

Regardless of what you use your hands for the most, you shouldn’t have to live with hand pain. One of the leading causes of hand pain is carpal tunnel syndrome, and, fortunately, physical therapy can help treat it.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

The carpal tunnel is part of your wrist that contains the median nerve, which runs through your forearm and hand. Certain activities or conditions can stress or irritate the carpal tunnel. This puts pressure on the median nerve, which causes the pain you feel in your hands or wrists.

Carpal tunnel syndrome has many causes. Most of them are brought on from strain and overuse from certain activities. Some of the most common causes of carpal tunnel include:

  • Typing on a keyboard for long periods of time
  • Operating equipment that shakes or vibrates
  • Driving for a long time
  • Diabetes
  • Fractures and sprains in the forearm, wrist or hand
  • High blood pressure

Whether your carpal tunnel syndrome was brought on by overuse or by an unavoidable condition, physical therapy can help reduce the pain.

How do physical therapists treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Physical therapists are the professionals you want to trust with physical conditions. They are experts in treating conditions that affect your bones, joints, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

At Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy, our physical therapists can identify the source of your hand pain and develop a personalized treatment. We will work closely with you to help you reduce your pain and meet your recovery goals. Many of the treatments we use for carpal tunnel syndrome and other types of hand pain include:

  • Deep tissue massage and hands-on therapy
  • Stretching and exercising
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Ultrasound and more

In severe cases, you may need surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. If this is the case, physical therapists can still help. We offer pre- and post-op services to help you reduce pain and regain use of your hand after your surgery.

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