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Biceps Tendinitis: Causes and Treatment | Peak Performance

Biceps tendinitis: What causes it and how can you treat it?

August 1st, 2023

Are you experiencing tenderness in your shoulder or elbow? If so, it’s possible that you have biceps tendinitis. Tendinitis refers to inflammation in the tendons, thick fibrous cords that attach your muscle to bone. Biceps tendinitis can develop in either of the two tendons that make up the muscle. One tendon attaches at the shoulder,

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physical therapy for hip pain

Physical therapy for hip pain: Does it actually work?

July 17th, 2023

No one wants to deal with hip pain. But for some, hip pain is a part of everyday life. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life through physical therapy for hip pain.  Physical therapists are licensed health professionals who have a variety of techniques

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postpartum dizziness

Postpartum dizziness: Potential causes and treatments

July 3rd, 2023

Pregnancy and childbirth is often an exciting journey. However, giving birth is a physically intense process that can leave you weak and fatigued. You may feel several lasting side effects, such as postpartum dizziness. You don’t have to suffer through your postpartum dizziness, with the accompanying nausea and headache. There are several treatment options available

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