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How can physical therapists help with your chronic tension headaches?

Chronic Tension Headaches

Chronic tension headaches can be a tough issue to deal with. They can make it harder to get through a full day of work, and having one can keep you from being active with your friends or family. 

Unfortunately, there are many Americans who develop frequent tension headaches. It’s also reported that up to 4% of the world population have headaches on 15 or more days per month. One way that you can do something about your chronic tension headaches is to work with a physical therapist — there are many ways that these specialists can help treat your recurring tension headaches. 

Three things a physical therapist can do to help your chronic tension headaches

Chronic tension headaches are often linked to recurring stress. They can also be triggered by chronically tense neck or jaw muscles. Some ways a physical therapist can help treat your frequent headaches include: 

  1. Improving your posture — A leading cause of neck muscle tension is poor posture. More people than ever are dealing with this problem. One reason for this is that so many more people are working at temporary workstations in their home. 

Such workstations can force you to look down at your computer screen for hours at a time, which can lead to increased neck muscle tension. A physical therapist can show you how to improve your head and neck posture.

  1. Addressing poor ergonomics — Many people who are working at home don’t have the ergonomic workspaces that they normally have access to. Physical therapists can help you identify problems with your work area that can trigger headaches and other issues. They can also help you find ways to address these problems and improve ergonomics. 
  1. Reducing muscle tension and stress — Reducing your stress can help ease tension from your muscles and decrease how many headaches you’re having. Your physical therapists can show you deep breathing exercises and other techniques that can help relieve stress. They can also help you learn stretching exercises designed to reduce neck and jaw muscle tension.

Find help for your chronic tension headaches at Peak Performance

Are you tired of dealing with chronic tension headaches? Our physical therapy experts at Peak Performance are ready and willing to help you deal with this problem. We’ll start by doing a free screening on you to determine the source of your tension headaches. Then, our team will build you a unique therapy plan intended to benefit you by: 

  • Reducing your pain.
  • Decreasing stress.
  • Improving neck and jaw muscle flexibility.
  • Cutting headache frequency.

We can even meet with you in a virtual therapy session to help address your recurring headaches. 

Contact us today for more information about our headache treatment options or to schedule an initial appointment.