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Is it time for pelvic pain treatment?

Pelvic Pain Treatment

People suffer from pelvic pain for a wide number of reasons, from injury to pregnancy. For many, the pain will improve in a short period of time with basic treatments like rest, ice and gentle targeted stretching. However, for some people, the pain can become chronic and start to seriously interfere with quality of life.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to seek pelvic pain treatment with a qualified professional, the team at Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy is here to help. While everyone is different, there are some common indicators to watch out for. As you read the following guide, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to learn more about how we can help.

Signs that you need pelvic pain treatment

The pelvic floor is a bowl-shaped group of muscles and connective tissue that sits at the very bottom of the pelvis. These muscles are crucial to holding in and supporting the organs that are in the lower body. The pelvic muscles can become tight, injured or weakened due to causes such as a sports-related muscle strain or sprain, pregnancy, recovering from abdominal surgery, obesity or an overly sedentary lifestyle.

If you are dealing with pelvic pain, you should seek treatment if any of the following apply to you:

  • Pain has lasted for longer than a few days to a week.
  • The pain has suddenly worsened.
  • You are experiencing any urinary or bowel incontinence.
  • Your pain and other symptoms are interfering with everyday activities.

For many people, pelvic floor rehabilitation with a qualified physical therapist can be a highly effective form of pelvic pain treatment.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation with Peak Performance Physical Therapy

At Peak Performance, our caring and highly skilled team can evaluate the causes of your pelvic pain and work with you to develop a highly personalized treatment plan. Our pelvic pain treatment options include postural exercises, myofascial release exercises, and breathing and relaxation techniques. We’ll work with you to restore strength and flexibility and improve range of motion for this important group of muscles.

To learn more and schedule your initial appointment, contact one of our dedicated representatives today.