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Knee pain treatment in Jacksonville, NC

Knee Pain

If you have suffered severe knee pain, then you understand how difficult everyday tasks can be while dealing with the swelling, inflammation and pain. Short of total knee replacement surgery, we only have one set of knees to last our whole lives. The Jacksonville, North Carolina office of Peak Performance physical therapy offers some effective knee pain treatment options.

Knee pain treatment you can do yourself

Fortunately, most minor knee pain will go away on its own or through home treatments you can do yourself. The RICE method is an effective first line of defense for treating your knee pain:

Rest When a knee injury occurs, it is important to get off the injury as much as possible. Trying to play through knee pain or toughing it out can result in a more serious injury. This is also important for overuse injuries as avoiding rest will not allow the inflammation to go down.

Ice — Icing the knee has several benefits including reducing swelling, pain and inflammation. Apply 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off to avoid ice burn on the skin.

Compression — Using an elastic bandage, wrapping the knee can stimulate blood flow to the area to promote the body’s healing process. Be careful not to cut off circulation by wrapping the bandage too tightly.

Elevation — Often paired with rest, elevating the knee injury can reduce pain and throbbing symptoms. The knee should be raised above the torso to help prevent fluid build-up around the injury.

When to seek immediate medical treatment

There are times when you should not wait to seek medical treatment as it could lead to permanent damage. Seek treatment if you experience any of the following when you injured your knee:

  • Inability to bear any weight on the joint
  • A popping sound that accompanied the injury
  • Visible physical deformity in the structure of the knee
  • Severe pain that does not subside or get better

Knee pain treatment with Peak Performance

Peak Performance physical therapy in Jacksonville, North Carolina is skilled in treating all kinds of knee pain. If you have recently suffered a knee injury, contact us today to schedule your initial appointment.