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Physical therapy can treat arthritis pain in Jacksonville, NC

Arthritis Pain

Physical therapy is a field of treatment and practices which are geared toward the reduction of pain and the enhancement of mobility in joints and other musculoskeletal systems. It is often recommended and is well-suited for the treatment of pain from various forms of arthritis. Peak Performance and our team of experts provides arthritis pain treatment in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We are trained professionals with years of experience developing and administering treatment plans targeted specifically at the difficulties that come from arthritis. We work with each patient on a personal basis and treat them as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms. Here are some of the ways Physical therapy can help to reduce pain and increase mobility in joints affected by arthritis.

How does physical therapy treat arthritis?

The first step in the process at Peak Performance is to meet with the patient for assessment and diagnosis. We will examine your condition and work with you to understand your needs, goals, abilities and your medical history. Once this initial evaluation is complete, we will develop a plan which is designed to fit you and your specific goals for pain reduction and increased mobility or flexibility. With arthritic pain, specifically, we work to educate our patients in techniques and exercises they can make a part of their regular routines. This is often the most beneficial option for returning patients to the activities of life which arthritis may have been prohibiting. We will leverage our years of expertise, training and research on your behalf to equip you with what you need to control your arthritis pain in an effective way. We will also guide you through a series of exercises and may apply various forms of therapy in office to address acute pain.

Peak Performance in Jacksonville can treat your arthritis pain

If you are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis or even forms such as fibromyalgia and gout, the team at Peak Performance is ready and able to develop a treatment plan specifically for you. Contact us at our Jacksonville clinic today and set up an initial appointment to see just how we can begin to reduce your pain and increase your ability to participate in the activities you find most important.