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Physical therapy clinics in North Carolina offer these three techniques for neck pain

Physical Therapy Clinics in North Carolina

You see people sitting in restaurants and coffee shops rubbing their necks. You’ve probably also noticed people doing this at work or even in your own home. The reason? There are a lot of people in North Carolina who are dealing with neck pain. 

This type of pain isn’t just a problem in this state. It’s a nationwide problem. Medical surveys reveal that up to 20% of Americans are experiencing neck pain right now and 54% of us have had it in the past six months. 

Physical therapy clinics are one place you can find treatment for neck pain in North Carolina, and there are many techniques that the physical therapists in these clinics can use to address your pain. 

Three techniques often used to treat neck pain in physical therapy clinics in North Carolina:

Not every physical therapy clinic in North Carolina offers the same treatment options for neck pain, yet there are some techniques that many of them use. A few of these methods include: 

  1. Myofascial release — You might notice a knot of tension in your neck muscles that’s painful to the touch. Medical professionals refer to these as myofascial trigger points, and they’re a common source of neck pain. Physical therapists can use myofascial release therapy to address muscle knots. They do so by using their hands to apply friction and pressure to the area of the neck where the knot is located. 
  1. Ergonomic training — Sitting with your head tilted forward and other forms of poor posture are another common cause of neck pain. Ergonomic training is a technique your physical therapist can use to address poor posture. 

This type of training often involves therapeutic exercises designed to strengthen and stretch your neck muscles. It may also include recommendations for ergonomically designed equipment you can use at work and at home. 

  1. Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) — Some neck pain sufferers have myofascial trigger points or scar tissue that’s causing their pain. These problem areas may require IASTM therapy if your therapist can’t address them with their hands. This type of therapy involves your physical therapist using specially designed tools. It’s these tools that allow physical therapists to apply more friction and pressure to tougher knots and areas of scar tissue. 

Peak Performance has physical therapy clinics in North Carolina that can help treat your neck pain

Ready to find a top-notch physical therapy clinic in North Carolina that can help address your neck pain? That’s exactly what you’ll find at our Peak Performance Sports & Physical Therapy clinics. You can come into one of our clinics for a free screening, and our physical therapists can help you learn the root cause of your neck pain. Next, we can build you a treatment plan that’s designed to reduce your pain and prevent it from coming back. Our team can even work with you from home thanks to the virtual physical therapy sessions we offer. 

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