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Due to hurricane damage, the Havelock location is closed until further notice. Havelock therapists Hannah Zhang, Sarah Hall and Judy Hickes are available to see patients at the New Bern location. Please call the New Bern location at (252) 636-9800 to discuss your care.

Physical therapy for arthritis in Havelock, NC

Physical Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, is an extremely common age-related condition that affects millions of people every year. For many, this is simply part of getting older. Over time, the cartilage that protects our joints and allows for smooth motion begins to wear down. The increased joint friction can lead to inflammation and common arthritis symptoms like stiffness, aches and a grinding sensation known as crepitus. Often, these symptoms are manageable and a large number of people diagnosed with arthritis are able to enjoy a relatively normal level of activity.

However, for others, arthritis symptoms can be more severe and debilitating, especially in cases of severe inflammation and nerve compression. For these patients, physical therapy for arthritis may be able to offer relief and increased mobility. If you’re a Havelock, North Carolina, resident seeking relief from arthritis, Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy has a wide range of treatment options for you. Take a minute to read over the following brief overview of how we can offer relief for arthritis.

How we treat arthritis at our clinic in Havelock, NC

When you meet with one of our physical therapists, the first step you can expect is a thorough evaluation to assess factors like range of motion and how certain movements may be causing pain. Be prepared to answer questions about your medical and treatment history, your specific symptoms and how arthritis is affecting your daily activities.

From there, your therapist can begin to make personalized treatment recommendations that are the right fit for your particular condition and situation. Our treatment options include:

  • Manual therapies, including joint mobilization techniques
  • Aquatic therapy, which uses the natural buoyancy and resistance of water
  • Therapeutic exercise to strengthen supporting muscles and extend range of motion
  • Myofascial release to relax bundles of painful soft tissue, called trigger points

You will also be given instructions on how to carefully perform at-home exercises and treatments that can help you manage your arthritis symptoms between sessions.

Compassionate physical therapy for arthritis patients

At our Havelock clinic, every member of our staff is dedicated to treating you like family and helping you on your treatment journey. We recognize that arthritis patients have unique needs and our therapists strive to put you at ease while providing effective and gentle treatment.

To learn more and schedule your initial appointment, contact our team today.