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Due to hurricane damage, the Havelock location is closed until further notice. Havelock therapists Hannah Zhang, Sarah Hall and Judy Hickes are available to see patients at the New Bern location. Please call the New Bern location at (252) 636-9800 to discuss your care.

Physical therapy for geriatric rehab

Geriatric Rehab

The benefits of physical therapy provided by trained professionals have been well-documented. Applications such as joint pain, surgical rehabilitation, trauma or injury recovery, and reduction of pain for a variety of other reasons have been shown to be responsive to physical therapy. This is not limited only to those patients capable of specific exercises. The aim of physical therapy as provided by the team at Peak Performance is to meet patients wherever they are in their physical and situational needs and to provide them with the best plan possible to attain their goals. This is especially applicable when it comes to physical therapy as a means of geriatric rehab. The number of patients over the age of 65 is the fastest growing group seen by physical therapy professionals. The individualized care and treatment plans we provide are shaped by client needs and address issues on the patient’s own terms with the guidance of trained therapists.

How does geriatric rehab work?

The first step in all physical therapy is assessment of the patient’s condition and symptoms. Our team at Peak Performance has years of experience specific to individuals over the age of 65 and are able to address their precise needs with geriatric rehab techniques. We will meet with patients and determine the extent of their issue and will develop a plan of exercises and interventions to match the patient’s abilities. Neurological, cognitive and physical limitations are all able to be taken into account when developing this plan and in the assessment phase of geriatric rehab. Then, the physical therapist will often guide the patient through the exercises or treatments along with educating them on how to take control of their own therapy. The Peak Performance team believes that everybody should be able to receive the reduction of pain, increased mobility and lifestyle enhancement afforded by physical therapy treatment.

What can geriatric rehab treat?

Physical therapy can treat a vast array of issues and this applies to the field of geriatric rehab. The goal is enhancement of the patient’s life by reducing pain, addressing mobility concerns and enabling the patient to perform daily tasks overall. Specific to older populations, here are just a few of the ways geriatric rehab can be addressed with the help of a physical therapy professional:

  • Joint pain and discomfort due to arthritis or bursitis
  • Rehabilitation before and after surgery
  • Fall prevention and treatment training
  • Recovery of faculties after stroke or brain trauma
  • Reduction of pain in lower back, hip, sciatic nerve and other areas

If any of these are areas of concern for you or if you have other issues which you believe may benefit from a physical therapy treatment plan, contact our team at Peak Performance today to set up an initial appointment.