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Shoulder pain treatment in Jacksonville, NC

Shoulder Pain

Most people are likely to experience at least minor shoulder pain at some point in their lives. The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that allows more range of motion than almost any other joint in the body. Because of this, stability is sacrificed for this freedom of movement and the chances of suffering an injury are higher than more stable joints. The Jacksonville, North Carolina office of Peak Performance explains what causes shoulder pain and your treatment options.

What causes shoulder pain?

There are many causes of shoulder pain, but some of the common shoulder injuries include:

Tendonitis and bursitis When the connective and supporting ligaments of the shoulder become inflamed, it causes tendonitis. Athletes who play sports with repetitive arm motions like baseball, tennis and swimming are more likely to suffer this overuse injury.

Arthritis When the protective cartilage that keeps your bones from rubbing together wear away, pain and stiffness from arthritis develops. Arthritis tends to affect old patients, but if you have suffered several acute shoulder injuries, you can develop arthritis at a younger age.

Acute injury Torn rotator cuffs, separated shoulders and sprained AC joints are all common acute shoulder injuries. Because of the relative instability of the shoulder joint, something as simple as a fall can separate your shoulder. A blow to the shoulder or lifting something that is too heavy could also tear your rotator cuff.

It is important to seek treatment for your shoulder injury so that you do not lose range of motion and develop a frozen shoulder.

Shoulder pain treatment with Peak Performance physical therapy

While pain medicines can help manage your symptoms, physical therapy can rehabilitate your shoulder injury to regain your range of motion. Your therapist will design a treatment plan to build strength in your shoulder muscles to stabilize the shoulder joint and reduce the risk of future injury.

The physical therapists of Peak Performance are skilled in treating all types of shoulder injuries. Contact us today at our Jacksonville, North Carolina location to schedule your initial appointment and discuss your shoulder pain treatment options.