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Sports Therapy: The Benefits Kinesio Taping Can Have For You

Kinesio Taping Benefits

Have you ever injured yourself playing a sport? Did you pull a muscle or overdo one of your joints? Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, sports therapy is a great way to help you heal from a sports-related injury. 

At Peak Performance, we offer personalized sports therapy to help you get back on the field faster. Our trained and certified sports therapists use proven therapy methods to help you heal faster and stronger.  One of the methods we use for sports therapy is Kinesio taping.

Kinesio taping is a method of taping the injured muscle in a specific way to provide more support to the area. This may help you heal faster and avoid future injury while you are training. Take a moment to read through the benefits of this type of sports therapy.

Benefits of Kinesio taping during sports therapy

Sports therapy at Peak Performance includes many helpful techniques, but one of the most effective methods our team uses is Kinesio taping.

Kinesio taping involves placing specially designed elastic tape around the injured area to provide therapeutic pressure and support to your injury. Although it may sound like normal athletic tape, Kinesio tape is different in several ways.

One way it’s different is that Kinesio tape reacts with your body heat to create a better and longer-lasting seal to your skin. Kinesio tape sticks so well that one application will last you all day long.

Another difference is that Kinesio tape is made with cotton fibers that are designed to wick moisture away from your skin. That means it won’t lose adhesion when you sweat, unlike other athletic tapes.

Our team at Peak Performance uses Kinesio tape in our therapy programs to provide you with many benefits when you’ve been injured. Some of the benefits of the Kinesio taping technique that our patients have experienced include:

  • Enhances blood circulation to the injured area
  • Helps reduce injury-related swelling
  • Reduces amounts of pain from the injury
  • Speed up the healing process

Thanks to these and other benefits provided by Kinesio taping, sports therapy from Peak Performance can help you recover faster so you can get back to the game you love.

To find out more about our sports therapy services, such as Kinesio taping, or to schedule an initial evaluation for your injury, contact our team at Peak Performance now.