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The top 3 benefits of seeing a physical therapist for auto injury treatment

Auto Injury Treatment

In a moment, your whole world is turned upside down. You have accidentally hit or been hit by another vehicle. Initially, you feel dazed, and your mind is racing through all the things that you need to do now. It’s not until later that you start to feel the pain of an auto accident injury. 

Scenarios like this one are very common for Americans. In 2019 alone there were more than 1.9 million police-reported traffic accidents that resulted in an injury. It’s common for the symptoms of such injuries to stay in hiding for hours or even days after the accident. Fortunately, you can turn to physical therapists for auto injury treatment as soon as your symptoms do appear. Taking this course can be a very beneficial one for you and your injury. 

3 key benefits that using physical therapy as an auto injury treatment can offer

Physical therapists are no strangers to the treatment of auto accident injuries. They see many people every year who have been afflicted with common car accident injuries, like whiplash. This familiarity helps to breed a whole host of benefits for you, including: 

1. Treatment that goes beyond symptom management — Physical therapists can and do help people manage and reduce car accident injury symptoms. Yet their goal is to go much further than that. These specialists seek to address the root of your symptoms, i.e., the injury itself. Let’s take an injury like whiplash, for instance. This injury typically involves the straining of one or more neck muscles. Your physical therapist can take steps to treat the strained muscle(s) directly in addition to easing the pain you’re experiencing. 

2. Helping get you back to driving — Your car accident injury may make it physically impossible for you to drive for a while. This loss of independence may definitely rankle for some patients. Fortunately, auto injury treatment from a physical therapist can help get you fit to drive again. As part of your treatment plan, your therapist can help you practice common driving tasks that you’re finding difficult by: 

  • Improving your neck range of motion so you can check for traffic at stop signs or while changing lanes. 
  • Helping to improve your gaze stabilization so that you can focus your eyes normally while driving. 

3. Armoring you against future crash injuries — There’s no way to guarantee that you won’t be injured in a future car crash. However, there are still steps that your physical therapist can take to decrease your risk of future car accident injuries. They can help you improve your posture, for instance. They can help you build the strength and flexibility of your muscles, too, which can help you better withstand the forces involved in a car accident. 

Peak Performance is ready to help you get the most effective possible auto injury treatment

You don’t have to search high and low for physical therapists who offer effective auto injury treatment. You can find them at our Peak Performance Sports & Physical Therapy clinics. Each of our locations offers free screenings that can help jump-start your injury treatment. They’re also staffed with top-notch physical therapists, and these pros can build you a beneficial and customized treatment plan for your injury. 

Contact us today for more information regarding our car accident injury treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment at one of our clinics.