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These three types of people can benefit from virtual physical therapy

Virtual Physical Therapy

You might think that it’s harder than ever to get physical therapy when you can’t leave home. However, it’s actually easier than ever for most people to get the therapeutic care they need while remaining at home. 

The reason is that more physical therapists are embracing virtual physical therapy (PT). This type of PT relies on online video technology. Typically, virtual PT sessions happen over a secure video link and are one-on-one with a physical therapist. There are many people who can benefit from virtual physical therapy, but there are three types of people that are especially likely to benefit from this service. 

Three groups of people that can benefit from virtual physical therapy

Having access to physical therapy can be important for many people. But the current COVID-19 pandemic can make it harder for certain people to do in-clinic physical therapy. Three groups of people that can benefit from virtual physical therapy right now are: 

  1. People with mild COVID — Millions of Americans have had the COVID-19 virus, and millions more are currently dealing with mild COVID symptoms. However, having this illness doesn’t mean your arthritis pain or lower back pain is less problematic. Virtual PT allows people with mild COVID symptoms to get physical therapy for their chronic pain conditions. 
  1. People recovering from surgery — People can be more susceptible to infections while their body is healing from a surgery. This fact may make people wary of leaving home right now to get physical therapy after joint replacements and other surgeries. 

Fortunately, virtual PT offers an effective alternative to in-person therapy sessions. One study of people who were recovering from a hip or knee replacement found that they gave their virtual PT a 91.2% approval rating. 

  1. People in rural areas — Patients in rural areas have traditionally had a more difficult time getting the physical therapy they need. One reason is that there are far fewer physical therapists in rural areas than in urban ones. A study reveals that for every 100,000 rural patients, there are only 30 specialists available. 

Virtual PT allows rural patients to work with physical therapists who aren’t physically close to them. In turn, this allows such patients to have better access to the physical therapy they require.

Peak Performance offers top-notch virtual physical therapy

Are you someone who wants to try virtual physical therapy? Our team at Peak Performance Sports & Physical Therapy can help you get effective virtual PT. This is possible thanks to our partnership with virtual PT providers Agile Virtual Care. 

Some of the benefits that Agile can offer you include: 

  • A 47% cost reduction per therapy session. 
  • 60% faster appointment scheduling than in-person visits. 
  • A 93% chance of reducing your pain.
  • The ability to work with the same therapist during every session. 
  • Availability in 33 U.S. states.

Contact us today for more information about the virtual PT we offer or to schedule an initial appointment.