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Three causes of ankle and foot pain

Ankle and Foot Pain Causes

There are few parts of the body that are more dependent on each other than the ankles and feet. These two structures must work together smoothly to allow you to walk, run, jump and do other common daily activities. However, an issue with either the foot or ankle can lead to pain in both, and there are three conditions in particular that can cause ankle and foot pain. 

1.   Sprained ankle

If you’ve ever rolled an ankle while playing sports or walking down the stairs, you have likely had an ankle sprain. As people who have had an ankle sprain can tell you, it can cause both foot and ankle pain. Both types of pain can be caused by this injury because it can affect ligaments in the ankle and foot. These ligaments are typically overstretched or torn, and this is what leads to pain in either the ankle, the foot or both. 

2.   Reactive arthritis

Most people are familiar with age-related arthritis, which is also called osteoarthritis. However, reactive arthritis is another type of arthritis, and it can cause ankle and foot pain. Also called Reiter syndrome, reactive arthritis can develop in the foot and ankle joints after an infection. For example, people develop Reiter syndrome usually after stomach bugs or throat infections. 

Reactive arthritis causes inflammation in the joints, and the inflammation leads to pain, stiffness and fatigue. The exact reason infections trigger reactive arthritis isn’t known, but one theory is that fragments of bacteria collect in the joint linings. These are then attacked by the immune system, causing joint inflammation. Unlike other types of arthritis, Reiter syndrome tends to affect most people for only a short time. 

3.   Achilles tendinitis

Ankle and foot pain can also be caused by Achilles tendinitis. The Achilles tendon connects the bottom of the calf muscles to the heel bone, and it’s typically thought of as a sports injury. This is because many people who have Achilles tendinitis developed it during repetitive leg movements from sports. Runners, tennis players and basketball players are at higher risk of this condition, and this is especially true if you only play sports on the weekends. 

When a person develops Achilles tendinitis, they often feel pain or tenderness in the back of their ankle. These symptoms can also occur in the heel of the foot. The pain of this condition tends to increase after you exercise, and it can be especially bad in the morning when you first wake up. However, this symptom will often improve once you move around a little. 

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There are many issues that can cause ankle and foot pain, but our team at Peak Performance can help treat many of them. We’ll start your treatment by performing a one-on-one screening, and this is intended to help us learn what’s causing your pain. Our team will then create a personalized therapy plan for you that’s designed to treat your pain using therapy techniques such as: 

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