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Three reasons you should visit a physical therapist for vertigo treatment

Physical Therapy for Vertigo

Many of us have felt like the room was spinning around us at some point, and this means we’ve experienced vertigo. However, there are people who experience this issue fairly frequently. 

Such people are often older or have a problem with their vestibular system. One medical study shows that 48.3% of the patients surveyed had vertigo annually. There are many ways that you can treat frequent vertigo, but physical therapy is an especially effective option for treating vertigo. 

Three reasons to consider physical therapy for vertigo

Vertigo symptoms typically stem from a problem with your vestibular system. This system combines input from your eyes, ears, brain and inner ear, and an issue with any of these areas can throw it out of whack. 

A physical therapist can help you deal with many issues that affect your vestibular system, and the specific type of therapy used for such issues is called vestibular rehab. Three of the reasons seeking physical therapy for vertigo is a good idea are: 

  1. It’s effective — When you’re feeling dizzy and unbalanced, the last thing you want is to waste time on treatments that don’t work. Physical therapy is a treatment option that won’t waste your time. One study of vertigo patients reveals that therapeutic care led to significant improvement in 67% of the patients who used it. 
  1. It can reduce your risk of falling — A serious side effect of vertigo is that it can cause you to fall down. This can be especially dangerous for older vertigo patients. After all, medical researchers report that more than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls. Fortunately, physical therapy can help decrease your risk of falling down. A study on vestibular rehab reveals that 90% of the patients who had it had a significant decrease in their fall risk. 
  1. It decreases anxiety — Think about how anxious you would be if you might fall with every movement. That’s exactly the type of anxiety that vertigo patients often have. Vestibular rehab can do a lot to reduce the anxiety and fear caused by vertigo. For one thing, it’s intended to increase strength in the leg muscles. In turn, this can help people feel more stable when they walk. This combination of increased stability and reduced fall risk can help reduce vertigo-related anxiety and improve confidence. 

Find effective physical therapy for your vertigo at Peak Performance

Not sure where to turn for effective physical therapy for vertigo? Our team at Peak Performance offers vestibular rehab that can fit the bill. We’ll start your therapy process with a free screening to determine the source of your vertigo. Then, our physical therapists will build you a vestibular rehab plan to fit your specific needs. 

Worried that your vertigo might keep you from leaving home to come see us? That’s OK! Our specialists can help you from your home thanks to our virtual therapy service. 

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