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Three stages of rehabilitation for a sports injury in Jacksonville, NC

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

The primary goal of physical therapy for sports injury rehabilitation is to get the patient back to their activities as safely and as soon as possible. It is a specialized treatment built around three progressive stages which work with each individual patient’s injury in a custom-designed, evidence-based approach. This type of physical therapy for sports injury rehabilitation is available to you in Jacksonville, North Carolina through the expertise of the Peak Performance team of trained professionals.

How we handle rehabilitation for a sports injury

We are dedicated to scientific, proven treatment plans which approach the patient from a holistic perspective to reduce pain, rebuild strength and decrease the likelihood of recurrence in each sports injury we encounter. At Peak Performance, we treat the whole individual as we work from diagnosis through goals we set with the patient. While each treatment plan will look different based on assessment and diagnosis, here are the three general stages of the healing process.

Stage 1: Initial healing

This stage of treatment is focused on the initial reduction of pain caused by or related to a sports injury. This may include reduction of swelling or acute pain. It may involve some physical exercise or more passive treatments, which our team is trained to provide.

Stage 2: Advanced healing

In this stage, pain reduction is still often a goal, but long-term goals begin to be taken into account as well. This stage of treatment is built around strength conditioning to provide the stabilization necessary for a sports injury to recover to the point at which it is safe for a patient to return to their game. This stage of the process will look different for each person and each injury and will likely involve a series of exercises and lifestyle recommendations which are guided or prescribed by the physical therapist.

Stage 3: Re-integration

Since the ultimate goal of sports injury rehab is to return the patient to the field of play, this final step is absolutely crucial. A physical therapist will work with the patient to evaluate and assess their progress throughout and when the tissue is repaired enough to reintroduce physical activity similar to the sport which the patient wishes to return to.

The team of therapists at Peak Performance in Jacksonville are not only trained experts in the field of sports rehabilitation but are also knowledgeable about sports in general. We know what goes into the movements and mechanics of the sport you play and work with each patient to develop goals that address their needs, desires and abilities. We are able to work with a wide range of injuries such as ankle sprains, ligament tears, hyperextensions, trauma, fractures, heel spurs, chronic pain, illness and many others. If you would like to speak to our team in Jacksonville about the sports rehabilitation process, contact Peak Performance to set up an initial appointment today.