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Two specialized treatments for efficient geriatric rehab

geriatric rehab treatments

As we age, our muscles and joints tend to weaken and atrophy. Geriatric rehab is a great option for seniors who may have functional limitations due to joint replacement, arthritis or balance disorders. Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy shares three specialized treatments that are especially useful for geriatric rehab.

Aquatic therapy

For patients who have difficulty supporting their full body weight on dry land, aquatic therapy can be a great alternative. There are several advantages of aquatic therapy for geriatric rehab including:

  • Reduced pressure on the joints
  • Increased resistance in water helps build muscle
  • Hydrostatic pressure of the water helps with circulation
  • Warm treatment water helps relax the muscles

In addition to all these benefits, the social aspect of taking water aerobics classes can help make physical therapy more enjoyable and feel less like work.

Balance and gait training

When we are young we often take care for granted our ability to stand, walk and be steady on our own two feet. However seniors who may have trouble with their gait know how important the ability to walk is to performing their daily routine.

With geriatric rehab, the physical therapist will begin with a complete a gait analysis to identify weaknesses in your normal walking pattern. Joint or muscle weakness in one leg can cause the body to compensate and put extra strain on the opposite leg which can cause pain in the hips, knees and ankles. Strengthening the muscles in the legs and increasing the range of motion can help improve your gait.

In addition, a balance evaluation will be performed to determine if vertigo or dizziness is causing issues with your balance and coordination. Head movements and exercises can help relieve the symptoms of vertigo to improve the sense your balance.

Geriatric rehab with Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy

Fortunately, the effects of muscle atrophy due to lack of use can be reversed through physical therapy. The majority of Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy’s patients are seniors so they are experts when it comes to helping seniors regain their quality of life. If you experience general weakness and are curious to see how geriatric rehab can help you, contact us today to set up your initial appointment.