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Using Physical Therapy to Treat Occupational Injuries

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The worst part about getting injured on the job is that you take your injury home with you and it affects all parts of your life. If you’ve been injured at work, you should speak with a physical therapist about treatment options.

Many injuries can be treated without the use of invasive surgery. Occupational therapy helps workers rebuild the strength and flexibility of muscles and ligaments so they can return to work happy and healthy. Plus, occupational therapy helps reduce pain and your recovery time, so you don’t have to take as many pain-relieving drugs that come with undesirable side-effects.

Types of work injuries that occupational therapy can treat

The physical therapists at Peak Performance Physical Therapy are capable of treating a variety of conditions that affect your muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. Since many workplace injuries can benefit from treating these areas, you should visit a physical therapist for the help recovering from:

  • Falls
  • Slips
  • Getting struck by an object
  • Electrocution
  • Motor-vehicle accidents
  • Machinery accidents
  • Overexertion, including lifting too many heavy objects or typing for too long on a keyboard

Physical therapy can be used to treat many more injuries than the ones on this list. If you have been hurt at work and are looking for help, contact Peak Performance Physical Therapy to find out what we can do for you.

Does workers compensation cover physical therapy?

One of the primary concerns for workers if they’ve been injured, besides recovering, is paying for treatment. Fortunately, workers comp covers medical treatments for many workers in the United States, including physical therapy.

You do have to take some steps for workers comp to apply to physical therapy. Generally, you have to see a doctor first who will verify that you need physical therapy for optimal recovery. These steps vary from state to state, so check with your state’s rules and regulations regarding workers comp.

Are you a worker who’s been injured on the job? Would you like to get help from a physical therapist in recovering from your injury? Contact us today to schedule your appointment and find out how we may help you.