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Want to get rid of a headache without medicine? Here’s what can help

how to get rid of a headache without medicine

Occasional headaches are a normal part of life. For example, you might get a headache from dehydration or stress. However, some headaches last for a long time and recur frequently. The persistent pain from these chronic headaches can interrupt your ability to focus and complete normal daily tasks.

Treatment for chronic headaches varies for person to person depending on the cause and severity of the headaches. In some cases, a doctor might recommend or prescribe medication for headaches. While this can help with the pain, medication often comes with unwanted side effects and can be addictive. That’s why many people seek to get rid of a headache without medicine. 

Getting rid of a headache without medicine with the assistance of physical therapy

Physical therapists specialize in many treatments that can help treat headache pain and reduce your dependency on medication. At Peak Performance, we always personalize headache treatments to the needs of each individual patient. However, you can generally expect your headache treatment to include:

  • Exercising and stretching — Stretches and exercises help strengthen the muscles and soft tissue in your neck. Stronger and more flexible neck muscles help support the head and reduce stress off the spine. Reducing stress in the spine can help take pressure off the nerves running through it that are connected to your head and causing headaches.
  • Manual therapy — Manual therapy is a series of hands-on techniques that helps to reduce pain and tension in your joints and soft tissue. It can also be used to break up scar tissue that is causing tension. This can help improve structural support for your spine and head to reduce pressure on the nerves in your spine.
  • Posture guidance — Poor posture adds additional strain to your neck and head, which can cause headaches. Your physical therapist can examine your posture and help you make improvements to reduce neck and head pain. 

Talk to Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy about headache treatment

Nobody should have to live with chronic headaches causing pain and making life difficult. Our physical therapists at Peak Performance can help you treat your headaches so you can get back to enjoying your daily life. Contact our team today for more information about getting rid of a headache without medicine or to schedule an initial appointment.