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What are some of the causes of balance and gait problems?

What Causes Balance and Gait Problems

The specific cause of a person’s balance and gait problems can be simple or complex. However, there is no shortage of people with these problems.

Medical research shows that 13% of people between the ages of 65 and 69 self-report imbalance, and it’s also reported that 35% of adults over 70 have a gait disorder. It can be tough to figure out exactly what’s causing your balance and gait problems. Working with a physical therapist can allow you to learn the cause of your problems and get help treating them. 

Common causes of balance and gait problems

A sure gait and maintaining your balance requires the interaction of many body structures. Some of these include your brain, eyes, ears, muscles and joints. A physical therapist can evaluate these structures to determine which is affecting your gait and balance. Such evaluations allow them to diagnose problems like: 

How can physical therapists treat balance and gait problems?

Your physical therapist can build you an individualized therapy plan to address a balance and gait issue. Such a plan can include therapy techniques like: 

  • Aquatic therapy that can reduce stress on the body while allowing you to improve your gait.

Find help for your balance and gait issues at Peak Performance

Not sure where you can find help with the cause of your balance and gait problem? Our experienced physical therapists at Peak Performance are here to assist you. We offer free screenings that can pinpoint the problem that’s affecting your gait or balance. Additionally, our specialists are adept at constructing personalized therapy plans designed to improve your gait and balance. 

Not feeling steady enough to leave the house? No problem! We offer virtual therapy sessions that allow you to work with a therapist right from your home. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can treat balance and gait issues or to schedule an initial appointment.