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What is important about a women’s health specialty in physical therapy?

Physical Therapy Women’s Health Specialty

Are you a woman who has never visited a physical therapist who has a women’s health specialty? You’re far from being the only one. 

Women’s health is a type of physical therapy that’s designed to address musculoskeletal issues that affect women. Unfortunately, these issues are many. One medical study found that women are about twice as prone to develop musculoskeletal disorders than men. 

One reason that many women may not seek physical therapy from a practitioner with a women’s health specialty is they don’t know why that can be important. Yet there are many reasons seeking this type of physical therapy can be important for women.

Three reasons using a physical therapy specialist with a women’s health speciality is important: 

  1. They can help reduce pelvic floor issues — The pelvic floor muscles are the supportive hammock on which your pelvic organs rest. These muscles also help regulate the flow of waste out of your bladder and bowels. Yet they can become weak or overstretched, too. 

In turn, these pelvic floor muscle problems can trigger issues like constipation or urinary incontinence. Women’s health physical therapists can help address issues with your pelvic floor before they lead to bigger problems. 

  1. They can help with menopause Menopause is an issue that all women have to deal with at some point. It occurs when the body starts creating fewer hormones like estrogen and the ovaries stop producing eggs. It’s estimated that 66,000 American women enter menopause each day. 

Physical therapy practitioners with a women’s health specialty can do a lot for you if you’re entering menopause. They can educate you on the effects of this issue. In addition, physical therapy can help you maintain better bone and muscle mass. 

  1. They can help women through pregnancy — Women can start to experience pain when they’re pregnant long before they’re ready to give birth. Medical research shows that 72% of women develop lower back and pelvic pain in the course of their pregnancy. 

Women’s health physical therapists can help ease your pregnancy-related pain. One way they can do so is by having you do certain therapeutic exercises. A study found that 61% of the pregnant women who did therapeutic exercises had less lower back and pelvic pain. 

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