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What to do for a slipped disc in the lower back in New Bern, NC

Slipped Disc in Lower Back

In between each vertebra in your spine is a thin disc filled with a soft, jellylike fluid encased by a tough, flexible shell. These discs are supposed to cushion the spine from impacts and reduce friction between the vertebrae. 

An injury to the spine or a chronic condition can cause the fluid to the discs to burst out of the shell, which is known as a slipped disc. When the fluid bursts out of the disc, it needs somewhere to go, so what happens is it usually puts pressure on the nerves in your spine as the fluid spreads out. This is painful and can cause issues like a limited range of motion or numbness in the spine.

What causes a slipped disc in the lower back?

Discs can slip in any position along the spine, but they are especially common in the lower back. There are several conditions that can cause a disc to slip in the lower back, including:

  • Injury — An impact to the spine from a collision or fall can cause one or more of the discs to burst.
  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD) — As you grow older, the discs in your spine naturally grow more stiff and thin. This increases the risk for a slipped disc because of the loss of water content that helps bolster the protective shell.
  • Weight — Excess weight increases strain on the spine. This puts additional pressure on the discs, which can cause them to wear down quickly and burst. 

Treatments for a slipped disc in the lower back

Physical therapists can help reduce pressure in the spine caused by a slipped disc. There are several treatments a physical therapist can use, but their primary goal is usually to strengthen muscles and soft tissue around the slipped disc. This helps provide better support for the spine so there is less pressure on the vertebrae and the injured disc.

Our physical therapists at our New Bern, North Carolina, clinic offer aquatic therapy as part of many patients’ treatments. If you need treatment for a slipped disc but have trouble exercising and stretching on land, aquatic therapy may be right for you. It helps you balance, cushions you from falls, provides natural resistance for exercises and offers many other benefits.

When you visit Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy in New Bern for slipped disc treatment, we will carefully examine the condition of your spine. Our physical therapists will develop a treatment specifically designed with you in mind to help you reach optimal recovery. 

Visit Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy in New Bern, NC, for slipped disc treatment

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