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Breaking up scar tissue can help these 3 types of pain

Breaking Up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue develops during the healing process as a way for your body to mend a wound. It forms in instances of cuts, burns and surgical incisions. This kind of tissue can take years to fully develop. That’s why you might just now be experiencing pain or discomfort at the site of an injury from long ago. 

If you are someone who has experienced a serious injury at some point in your past and have mostly recovered, except for recurring pain weeks, months or even years later, this post is for you. The pain that can come with scar tissue years down the road can make daily activities more tiresome and unenjoyable. Read on to discover common types of pain that scar tissue restrictions can cause and why breaking up scar tissue can help minimize these types of pain.

3 common types of pain that scar tissue restrictions can cause

  1. Pain from scar tissue formations on organs — Internal scar tissue formations on or around your organs can sometimes interfere with other bodily functions. This type of pain can be the result of scar tissue cutting off circulation, pinching nerves or blood vessels, and many more different issues.
  1. Pain from new nerve endings — Even after your body heals its injury, the nerve endings around the area of injury can develop and change over time. This nerve-ending regeneration can be very painful and sometimes be a source of chronic pain.
  1. Pain from tightness — Scar tissue contains collagen, which is less elastic than skin. When scar tissue forms on the skin or in the body, it may create a tight or stiff feeling and even reduce range of motion. For example, an old injury in a shoulder could reduce your ability to fully move that shoulder. To learn more about how physical therapists address this type of pain, read here.

How can breaking up scar tissue help with these types of pain?

Going to physical therapy to get help breaking up old scar tissue can significantly improve pain caused by swelling, nerve endings and tightness. Not only can it help relieve the pain you’re feeling long after the injury occurred, but it can also increase your mobility and range of motion. If you’re suffering from scar tissue pain, both pain reduction and mobility improvement through PT can aid in restoring your quality of life to what it once was.

Schedule your physical therapy appointment to break up your old scar tissue

Keeping the body moving and limber is the best way to prevent the limiting of your functional mobility. Don’t let a lingering injury prevent you from enjoying the activities you do on a daily basis. The physical therapists of Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy understand how scar tissue from old injuries can affect your quality of life. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from a scar-tissue-related issue that is affecting your daily life, contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.