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Elderly patients can use these two fun balance exercises

Fun Balance Exercises for Elderly

One thing that’s the same for many people as children and as elderly people is they have trouble balancing. Physical therapists in Winterville, North Carolina, typically recommend a daily balance exercise routine to elderly patients, but this routine can become stale and boring after a while. Here are two fun balance exercises that elderly people can use to spice up their routine: 

  1. Surf’s up exercise

Surfing is a great balancing exercise, but the water-based version could be a little too hard for most elderly people. However, you can get the balance benefits of surfing with the surf’s up exercise. 

For this therapeutic exercise, you’ll need a board that’s wide enough to stand on comfortably, and you’ll also need a cylindrical object like a dowel rod or tennis ball container. It’s also a good idea to do this exercise with a counter or stable chair in front of you. This will give you something to grab onto if you start to lose your balance. 

To begin the exercise, place the cylindrical object under the board about halfway along its length. Then, place your feet on the board so that they’re about shoulder width apart and try to balance so that neither end of the board is touching the floor. You might need to use your hands to get into the balanced position at first. Once you’re balancing, try to hold your balance for 10 to 20 seconds. You should try to repeat this exercise two to three times to complete one set, and you can play some tropical tunes to make it even more fun. 

  1. Tightrope walking

Tightrope walking is a fun balance exercise for elderly patients who always wanted to run off and join the circus. To do this exercise, there are several items you’ll need: tape or string, a cane, and a flat and open area of floor. 

Get ready to do the tightrope walking exercise by laying the tape or string in a straight line across the floor. Then grab your cane and place your right foot on the tightrope you’ve created; your left foot should then be placed on the tightrope directly in front of your right foot. Move your right foot in front of your left foot to take another step. Continue alternating one foot in front of the other until you’ve reached the end of the tightrope, and use your cane to help you keep your balance if you feel unstable. Repeat this exercise two to three times to some calliope music to increase the benefits and the fun. 

Peak Performance in Winterville, NC, offers balance therapy for seniors

We’ve proudly helped many elderly people improve their balance at our clinic in Winterville. The easiest way to get our help with your balance issues is to come in for a free screening. This screening will give us the chance to learn more about the cause of your poor balance, and it will also allow us to create a personalized balance therapy plan for you that may include: 

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