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Five benefits of virtual physical therapy at Peak Performance

virtual physical therapy benefits

The continuing spread of coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed telemedicine and virtual physical therapy from exciting new trends in physical therapy to a key part of delivering care. This unprecedented situation has not changed the fact that people who require physical therapy need to stay the course in order to achieve their treatment goals. In fact, if you’re staying indoors due to social distancing and shelter-at-home orders, it’s more important than ever to stay physically active and follow through with a physical therapy program. 

With an internet connection and a compatible device, virtual physical therapy allows you to do that. To give you a better understanding of how this form of treatment can help you, we’re sharing this informative guide. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to learn more. 

Virtual physical therapy can help you gain these key benefits 

By attending virtual physical therapy sessions, one of our trained and experienced therapists can help you:

  1. Accomplish your treatment goals One study found that 91.2% of patients were satisfied with the care they received from virtual physical therapy. This form of treatment allows you to receive care and feedback as if you were right there in the clinic. 
  2. Maintain social distancing — You can receive top-quality therapy treatment without leaving your home. This helps limit the spread of the coronavirus.
  3. Receive one-on-one treatment — Through video conferencing, you can speak individually with your therapist in real time on a secure platform.
  4. Stay within your budget — Our virtual physical therapy sessions are covered by most major insurance providers as would be an in-office session. Our team also accepts credit and debit as well as Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) payments for Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay patients.
  5. Manage your time more efficiently — By receiving physical therapy in your home, you cut down on travel time and costs, helping you maintain your busy schedule. 

Start your virtual physical therapy treatment journey today

It’s important to remember your long-term health and work toward positive treatment outcomes, even during a health emergency. With virtual physical therapy, Peak Performance can help you stay safe, healthy and active. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your initial virtual appointment.