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Is it arthritis if my knee hurts when straight but not when bent?

knee hurts when straight but not when bent

Often, when people suffer from knee pain, they experience pain as a sensation when bending the knee. However, some conditions cause the knee to hurt more when it’s straight rather than when bent.

If you suffer from knee pain when it’s straight but not when bent, you may be wondering about the cause and how it can be treated. Some have concerns that this pain could be the sign of arthritis. While it’s possible that your knee pain when straightening your knee could be related to arthritis, it’s more likely related to runner’s knee or jumper’s knee. 

Potential reasons your knee hurts when straight but not when bent

  • Runner’s knee — Also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, runner’s knee is a condition in which your kneecap shifts out of place. When the kneecap is out of its position, it’s very painful and can affect your ability to straighten your knee.

You may develop runner’s knee if the tendons holding your kneecap in place become too tight or too weak. Injuries to the knee or frequent running on overpronated feet can lead to the development of this condition.

  • Jumper’s knee — Also known as patellar tendinitis, jumper’s knee is a condition in which the tendons around the kneecap become inflamed. Inflammation on these tendons can develop from overexertion of the knee in activities that involve a lot of force, like jumping. When you have jumper’s knee, it can be painful to fully extend your leg.

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