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Physical therapy in Jacksonville, NC for lymphedema treatment

physical therapy Jacksonville NC

Lymphedema is a condition that affects millions of Americans. This is a condition that causes swelling in the body, primarily in the arms or legs. This swelling can be quite painful and can limit your mobility.

Lymphedema has no cure but it can be managed with physical therapy treatment. Severe cases may require surgery, but most people can experience an improved quality of life without it.

How can physical therapy help people with lymphedema?

Treatments for lymphedema vary because it affects each patient differently. It can be caused by genetic factors, radiation, infections and the surgical removal of a lymph node.

Depending on the cause of your lymphedema and other personal factors, like age, weight and medical history, your lymphedema treatment may include:

  • Stretches and exercises — The main reason lymphedema causes swelling is because the lymphatic fluid gets trapped in a specific area of the body. Physical therapists can identify these areas and guide you through stretches and exercises to help promote the movement of the fluid.
  • Compression techniques — Compression wraps and socks can help put pressure on the affected limb. This can stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid to help reduce its buildup in the limb. It’s important to see a physical therapist when fitting a compression garment. Doing it on your own may result in an incorrect fitting, which can cut off circulation or cause other issues.
  • Manual massage — Physical therapists are familiar with massage techniques that can help get the lymphatic fluid moving. This may not be an option for you if your lymphedema is also accompanied by sores or other skin conditions.

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Our physical therapists have many techniques and tools available for use on conditions like lymphedema. Besides what’s mentioned above, you may also be able to benefit from aquatic therapy or cold and hot therapy.

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