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The benefits geriatric rehab can offer you

Benefits of Geriatric Rehab

High blood pressure. Arthritis. Osteoporosis. Balance issues. These are just a few of the difficulties that people can develop as they get older. 

After all, it’s natural for the body to wear out as it ages. However, all this wear and tear means that seniors tend to use medical care a lot more than other age groups. Research from 2010 showed that seniors made up only 13% of the U.S. population. In the same year, seniors also accounted for 34% of the money spent on health care. Geriatric rehab from a physical therapist can offer many benefits for elderly patients. 

Six benefits that geriatric rehab can offer

Before you start geriatric rehab, your physical therapist will perform a comprehensive assessment on you. This will help reveal the specific issues you’re dealing with; the assessment is also intended to highlight how your issues are affecting your daily life. 

Your physical therapist can then build you an individualized therapy plan designed to target your specific issues. There are many therapy techniques that your geriatric rehab might include. Therapeutic exercises are one commonly used technique, as are manual therapy methods like joint mobilization. Vestibular rehab can also be included to help improve your ability to balance. 

By including such therapy techniques in your geriatric rehab plan, your therapist can help you get six specific benefits: 

  1. Finding ways to control your blood pressure better
  2. Enhancing the strength of your muscles
  3. Improving your ability to balance yourself
  4. Helping you to avoid conditions like osteoporosis
  5. Decreasing your level of joint pain
  6. Increasing your ability to do normal daily tasks like cooking and walking 

Find effective geriatric rehab at Peak Performance

Not sure if there’s a physical therapy team nearby that can offer geriatric rehab that benefits you? You can find just such a team at Peak Performance. Our therapy specialists provide free screenings that can reveal what issues are making your daily life harder and more painful. We also excel at building geriatric rehab plans that are personalized to fit a patient’s specific needs. 

Things keeping you at home? Our team understands completely. That’s why we’re currently offering virtual care and at-home therapy services. These services can allow you to begin a geriatric rehab plan without even leaving home. Additionally, we don’t require that you have a doctor’s recommendation before you begin using any of our therapy services. 

Contact us today for more geriatric rehab information or to schedule your free screening.