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Treating chronic muscle tension with physical therapy in Jacksonville, NC

Chronic Muscle Tension

Tension and pain in the muscles can force you to miss out on much of what you love about life. Instead of spending time with your family and friends or pursuing your favorite activities, you might feel more confined to the couch or your bed. Fortunately, you can treat chronic muscle tension and pain with physical therapy.

Physical therapists are highly skilled health care professionals who have many treatments for chronic muscle tension. At Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy in Jacksonville, North Carolina, one of our team members will carefully examine you to determine which treatments will work best for your condition. Then, they will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you recover.

Physical therapy treatments for chronic muscle tension

  • Aerobic exercise — Aerobic exercises are designed to increase your heart rate and get the blood flowing. An increase of blood flow helps get more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles that are in pain. Physical therapists are careful to choose aerobic exercises that are low impact on your muscles and joints.
  • Strength exercise — Strengthening exercises help improve the quality of your muscles so they are less likely to grow tense and stiff.
  • Stretching — Treatments that involve exercises also usually involve stretches. Stretching improves the flexibility of your muscles, which further helps reduce chronic tension and pain.
  • Soft tissue mobilization — Soft tissue mobilization is a form of manual therapy that aims to reduce tension in the muscles by breaking down scar tissue. In it, a physical therapist uses their hands or an instrument to mobilize and manipulate the soft tissue to reduce pain and tension caused by scar tissue.
  • Muscle energy techniques — Muscle energy techniques are also forms of manual therapy. In these, the physical therapist will apply a controlled force to your muscles to stimulate contraction in a targeted area, which helps reduce pain and tension in the muscles.

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Don’t let chronic muscle tension and pain keep you from missing out on what’s good in life. Our physical therapists at Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy in Jacksonville are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about chronic pain treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.