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Understanding how lymphedema therapy can help your quality of life

lymphedema therapy treatment options

For patients who suffer from chronic swelling of the arms or legs, lymphedema therapy is a physical therapy option many people may not about that can help reduce their symptoms. The physical symptoms of a noticeably swollen extremity can make people feel self-conscious about their condition and make them reluctant to seek treatment. While there is currently no cure, understanding your condition and lymphedema therapy options can help you manage the symptoms.

What is lymphedema and how is it caused?

The lymphatic system circulates a protein-rich fluid that collects bacteria, viruses and waste products that are filtered by the lymph nodes. When there is a problem with the body’s ability to drain this fluid, it can collect in the arms or legs causing pain and swelling. Conditions that can cause lymphedema include:

  • Cancer
  • Infection
  • Surgery
  • Radiation for Cancer Treatment

Symptoms of lymphedema

The lymph fluid that builds in the extremities can cause a wide range of problems. In addition to the tell-tale sign of swelling, you may also experience pain or discomfort in the limb, a feeling of heaviness, restricted range of motion and hardening of the skin.

Physical therapy treatment options for lymphedema

A physical therapist can recommend several treatment options for lymphedema therapy. The therapist may recommend compression garments to aid in circulation. Changes to the diet are often recommended to reduce the production of lymph fluid. Manual therapy which can feel somewhat like a light massage is performed to help manually drain excess lymph fluid. Exercises will be prescribed to increase strength and flexibility. And as simple as it sounds, elevating the affected limb can help drain lymph fluid.

Lymphedema therapy with Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy

While the physical deformities of chronic lymphedema can be embarrassing, the physical therapists of Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy can help you manage your symptoms with lymphedema therapy. Patients are able to regain their quality of life and confidence through these physical therapy treatment options. If you or a loved one suffers from the chronic swelling of a limb and want to know more about your lymphedema therapy treatment options, contact us today to set up your initial consultation.