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What commonly causes pain in the side of the ankle?

Side of Ankle Pain

The reality is that it can be tough to tell what is causing the pain in the side of your ankle. In fact, there are many issues that can lead to this type of pain. 

Unfortunately, ankle injuries that lead to pain are more common than you might believe; it’s reported that about 1 million ankle injuries occur in the U.S. annually. Working with a physical therapist is an effective way to determine the cause of the pain in the side of your ankle. In addition, these medical professionals can help you find effective treatment for your ankle pain. 

Common causes of pain in the side of your ankle

Pain that you feel on the inside of your ankle is called medial ankle pain, and pain in the outside of the ankle is known as lateral ankle pain. There are many conditions that can trigger these two types of pain. Some of the more common of these conditions include: 

Physical therapy techniques that can help treat the pain in the side of your ankle

Treating pain in your ankle is one service that physical therapists can offer you. They offer many treatment techniques that can help people with ankle pain, including: 

  • Aquatic therapy that can work to strengthen ankle soft tissue while also reducing stress on the injured ankle. 
  • Anodyne® therapy designed to improve blood flow to healing ankle tissue and reduce pain. 
  • Sport-specific therapy that focuses on improving your gait in ways that can help decrease the risk of a future ankle injury. 

Peak Performance offers effective treatment for ankle pain

Tired of living with pain in the side of your ankle? Our Peak Performance physical therapists are eager to help you find relief from your pain. We offer free screenings that can help you get started with your therapy process. Furthermore, our specialists can build you a unique therapy program designed to reduce your pain and prevent future ankle issues. We can also help you treat your pain from home thanks to the virtual therapy services we offer. 

Contact us today for more information about the treatment techniques we offer for ankle pain or to schedule an initial appointment.