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What could cause loud pop in my knee followed by pain?

Loud Pop in Knee Followed by Pain

Most commonly, people hear loud pop in their knee followed by pain when playing some type of sport. Sports involve many sudden stops and changes of direction, and these put a lot of stress on your knees. 

Unfortunately, knee injuries in athletes are more common than many people realize. A study of knee injuries found that they made up nearly 40% of sports injuries over a 10-year period. A physical therapist can help you learn what type of knee injury you have. They can help treat knee injuries after a loud pop in your knee followed by pain as well. 

Two common types of knee injuries in athletes

Some knee injuries are more common in athletes than others. Also, there are only a few injuries that cause a loud pop in your knee followed by severe pain. Two injuries that have these initial symptoms include: 

  1. Knee ligament injuries — There are four ligaments in your knee that help keep it stable during movement. The strain of sudden sports movements can overstretch these ligaments. The result can range from a mild strain to a complete tear. The most commonly injured knee ligaments are the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL). 
  1. Meniscus tears — The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of knee cartilage. There are two found in each knee between the thighbone and shinbone. Like ligaments, the menisci are highly stressed by sudden sports movements. Overstressing them can cause them to tear. This is often heralded by a loud popping sound or sensation followed by pain in your knee. 

How can a physical therapist treat these knee injuries?

The first step in your treatment is diagnosis — your physical therapist will have to determine what caused the loud pop in your knee followed by pain. They might work with your primary care doctor to form the correct diagnosis. 

Once your diagnosis has been confirmed, your therapist can build you a unique therapy plan to treat your injury. Some of the therapy methods that could be used during your treatment program are: 

Find help for your knee injury at Peak Performance

Had a loud pop in your knee followed by pain as the first sign of your knee injury? Our physical therapists at Peak Performance are ready and willing to help you treat your injury and pain. We offer free screenings designed to help pinpoint which knee injury you have. Also, our specialists excel at creating personalized therapy plans intended to reduce pain and boost healing. 

You can even get help from us if your injury is making it hard to leave home. In fact, our team offers a virtual therapy service that’s specifically intended to be used in the patient’s own home. 

Contact us today for more information about the treatment options we offer for knee injuries or to schedule your initial appointment.