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Do you need physical therapy in Swansboro, NC?

Physical therapy

You recently tweaked your ankle while jogging. Your wrists and hands are painful when doing tasks at work. You can’t play with your kids or grandkids because you’re in pain. If any of these issues sound familiar, then the answer to the title’s question is yes. 

It’s not unlikely that at some point in your life you’ll experience a troubling physical condition or injury. For instance, it’s estimated that 63 million Americans will be diagnosed with arthritis by 2020. Maybe you’re having some pain and difficulty moving right now. When a physical condition or pain is keeping you from living your life to the fullest, you should consider visiting a physical therapy specialist in Swansboro, North Carolina, for help.

These issues can benefit from physical therapy

Physical therapy specialists use the latest technology and methods to assist patients in reaching their recovery objectives. From the administrative staff to the physical therapists, a top-notch physical therapy team cares about you as a unique individual and strives to provide quality treatments.

Physical therapists have years of training and experience with handling a variety of conditions, including of the following:

What you need to know about your physical therapy appointment

At your first appointment, your physical therapist will perform a complete assessment to develop your individualized treatment. They will give you a series of physical tests, review your medical history, and discuss your lifestyle and goals with you.

Once your treatment begins, you can expect it to include some of the following:

Your local physical therapist may also specialize in aquatic therapy. During aquatic therapy sessions, you perform exercises and motions in a pool of water. The water helps reduce the impact and stress of activity on your body while providing gentle pressure to help reduce any swelling.

Find the physical therapy you need at Peak Performance in Swansboro

Would you like to speak with someone to find out more about physical therapy? Our team at Peak Performance in Swansboro is primed to help you get your questions answered. We offer free screenings to reveal the issues that have been affecting your daily life. In addition, our physical therapists excel at building individualized therapy plans designed to reduce pain and other troublesome symptoms. We can even help you get started with your physical therapy program if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

Not located in Swansboro? That’s OK! Our team serves patients from five other clinics in eastern North Carolina, and you can visit our locations page to find one near you. Also, you can contact us today for more information about the physical therapy services we offer or to schedule your initial appointment.