Due to hurricane damage, the Havelock location is closed until further notice. Havelock therapists Hannah Zhang, Sarah Hall and Judy Hickes are available to see patients at the New Bern location. Please call the New Bern location at (252) 636-9800 to discuss your care.

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Auto Injury Treatment

The top 3 benefits of seeing a physical therapist for auto injury treatment

December 27th, 2021

In a moment, your whole world is turned upside down. You have accidentally hit or been hit by another vehicle. Initially, you feel dazed, and your mind is racing through all the things that you need to do now. It’s not until later that you start to feel the pain of an auto accident injury. 

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Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy: Why is it a potentially effective treatment option for your sports injury?

December 20th, 2021

Sports are something that millions of Americans watch every weekend, but there are many who also like to be on the field themselves. There are plenty of benefits that playing sports can offer. Unfortunately, playing sports can also leave you open to a musculoskeletal injury. One study found that there are 8.6 million sports- and

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Knee Pain Specialist Near Me

3 reasons a physical therapist could be the most effective knee pain specialist near you

December 13th, 2021

Your knee hurts, and it’s keeping you from walking the dog, playing with your kids or grandkids, and doing other things that you love to do. Getting back to activities that you love is a powerful motivator to go looking for a knee pain specialist near you.  Yet you’ll likely find that task a little

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