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Electrical stimulation therapy to help patients in Winterville, NC, find relief

Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Electrical stimulation therapy is a generally safe and painless practice that is used in many treatment plans to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with a broad range of conditions. By sending a gentle electrical current through electrodes that have been placed on the skin, this method works to stimulate specific nerves to produce a pain-relieving effect. Additionally, electrical stimulation can help by increasing circulation to the area and relieving spastic muscles. 

Although electrical stimulation therapy can make some patients feel anxious, it is important to realize just how painless and gentle it is. If you’re a Winterville, North Carolina, resident who is curious about the benefits that benefits that this form of treatment can offer, take a few minutes to look the following information over.  

We’re always here to help, and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our treatment options. 

How does electrical stimulation therapy work? 

There are several different methods of electrical stimulation, with one of the most popular forms being transcutaneous electrical nerve root stimulation, or TENS. Other types include interferential current (IFC) and galvanic stimulation. The exact form of electrical stimulation patients receive usually depends on their condition and the therapist’s recommendation. 

After attaching electrodes to the surface of the skin in the injured area, a control unit sends a gentle pulse of electricity into the muscles. This pulse can have several important effects, including: 

  • Contracting the muscles to maintain strength and prevent atrophy
  • Increasing circulation to the area
  • Relieving pain by stimulating certain nerve fibers to disrupt pain signals

Although electrical stimulation therapy can be highly effective, it is just one part of the treatment puzzle. The right therapist can work with you to combine electrical stimulation with other methods like therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and aquatic therapy.  

Experience and a gentle hand, right in Winterville, NC

To learn more about the benefits that electrical stimulation therapy can offer as part of a broader physical therapy program, please contact us today. Our caring and expertly trained therapists at our Winterville clinic work to ensure that any recommended treatments are performed in a manner that makes patients feel at ease. We value patient education and believe that taking a collaborative approach that empowers our patients can mean better treatment outcomes. 

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