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How can physical therapists address the culprits of outer wrist pain?

Outer Wrist Pain

Since we rely on our hands and wrists every day for tasks like using our phones, driving and getting groceries, outer wrist pain can interrupt daily life. Our hands and wrists work together to get us through the day. When you experience pain in these extremities, it can make the simplest tasks uncomfortable. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore the pain in your outer wrist if you experience it.

Are you wondering how to help relieve your outer wrist pain? Physical therapy is an effective approach to managing your wrist symptoms and helping provide relief. 

What are some common culprits of outer wrist pain?

The first step toward relief is determining the cause of your pain. This allows physical therapists to decide the best approach toward treatment. Here are some common causes of wrist pain that you should be aware of:

If you think you are suffering from one of these common culprits of wrist pain, then consider seeing a physical therapist. In physical therapy, you can treat the cause instead of just the symptoms of these painful conditions. 

How can a physical therapist help?

Depending on the condition causing your wrist symptoms, a physical therapist will recommend a personalized approach to treatment. Here are a few common techniques used in treating outer wrist pain:

  1. Wrist stretches — A physical therapist may demonstrate effective stretching techniques to relieve wrist pain. These can also help improve the range of motion of your wrists. If you suffer from wrist pain, it’s important to remember not to push your wrists further without professional oversight. Discomfort is to be expected on the way toward relief, but certain stretches can help along the way. 
  1. Therapeutic exercises — A physical therapist can also show you targeted therapeutic exercises to help strengthen your wrists. This can reduce the stress sustained by the wrist joint from daily life that may be contributing to your wrist pain.
  1. Ergonomic training — Another important consideration is the tasks you perform throughout the day. These may contribute to your wrist condition and can even worsen your symptoms. If your wrists are in an unnatural position from using a computer or other devices, consider ergonomic training. It’s also important to rest your wrists during the day and take frequent breaks from any tasks that may irritate them. 

Experiencing outer wrist pain? Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy is ready to help 

If you’re suffering from outer wrist pain, our team of physical therapists at Peak Performance can help. We are experts in treating wrist pain caused by a variety of common conditions. We are prepared to design a personalized treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause of your wrist pain. 

Contact us today for more information about physical therapy for wrist pain or to schedule an initial appointment.