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How do I know that my hip pain is caused by an inflamed bursa?

Hip Bursa Pain

An inflamed hip bursa can trigger pain in your hip joint, but so can many other issues. To confirm that your pain is being caused by hip bursitis, you may need to turn to a medical professional, such as a physical therapist. 

Trochanteric, or hip, bursitis is a common source of hip discomfort, and medical research claims that 15% of women and 8.5% of men develop this condition in one of their hips. However, this condition could be confused with the pain of issues like hip osteoarthritis or a muscle strain. Physical therapists can help rule out these other common hip issues, and they can help you find top-notch treatment for your hip bursa pain. 

Common signs of hip bursitis

Treating hip bursa pain is similar to treating other forms of hip discomfort. But your treatment can be much more effective if your physical therapist or other medical professional knows exactly what is causing your symptoms. A few signs that can indicate that you have hip bursitis are:

  • Pain at the point of your hip.
  • Pain that extends into the outside of the thigh. 
  • Feeling increased pain when lying on the affected hip. 
  • Discomfort when getting up after being seated for a while. 
  • Aching in the hip after prolonged periods of walking, squatting or climbing stairs.
  • Swelling in your hip. 
  • Hip that is tender to the touch.  

What can physical therapists do to treat your hip bursa pain? 

Helping you identify the signs of hip bursitis isn’t the only way a physical therapist can assist you. These specialists can also help you by creating a custom treatment plan for your condition. Such a therapy plan can often include therapy techniques like: 

  • Aquatic therapy intended to reduce stress on the hip joint and improve the strength of the muscles that support the joint.
  • Sport-specific therapy that focuses on improving your running form to reduce your risk of future hip issues. 

Peak Performance offers treatment for hip bursa pain

Struggling with hip bursa pain? Our physical therapists at Peak Performance are ready to help you reduce your pain. We’ll start by doing a free screening of your hip to confirm that you have hip bursitis. Then, our specialists will build you an individualized therapy plan intended to decrease your pain and improve your hip function. You can even use our virtual therapy service to get treatment for your condition right in your own home. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can treat your hip bursitis or to schedule your initial appointment.