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Options for treatment of a torn ACL in Swansboro, NC

Torn ACL Treatment

A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a serious injury which can occur during any number of strenuous activities. The ACL is a vital part of the musculoskeletal system which acts as a stabilizing force for the muscles in the quad down through the knee and shin. When this ligament is sprained or torn, significant pain occurs and it may require surgery. However, depending on the severity of the injury, your doctor may recommend evaluation and work with a physical therapist first. Torn ACL treatment in Swansboro, North Carolina, is provided by the team of physical therapists at Peak Performance. We can provide diagnosis of the injury to determine severity and the best way toward the reduction of pain, regaining of mobility and overall strengthening of the affected area to prevent future tears.

Non-surgical treatment for a torn ACL

The first step when a torn ACL is suspected is to test and diagnose it. Physical therapists play the most integral role in this process as medical doctors often rely on them for the specialized tests required. Human joints, and especially those involving the ACL do not act as simple hinges. There is also a gliding motion involved in their movements. The physical therapist uses their understanding of this motion as well as your baseline movement from your other leg to determine the severity of the ACL injury. Based on this assessment and diagnosis, the physical therapist may determine that a treatment plan is possible which would involve progressive exercises and a number of other interventions to strengthen and enhance the healing process. The Peak Performance team at our Swansboro clinic is experienced with this type of injury and approaches each one with the understanding that no two people are the same. Each treatment plan will be tailored to the severity of the injury, the capabilities of the patient and ultimately the goals that the patient and therapist set together.

What if surgery is required for an ACL tear?

If the evaluation shows that the ACL tear will require surgery, your physical therapist can and should still play an integral role in the pre- and post-operative process. It has been shown that development plans prior to and after surgery are effective at reducing healing time and symptomatic pain. It has also been shown that the strengthening exercises that make up physical therapy treatment for a torn ACL increase the likelihood that the surgery will be successful and future tears will be less likely.

Whether you require surgery or not, the Peak Performance team is ready and trained to work with you from diagnosis through the healing process. If you have an injury for which you would like to receive evaluation, contact us at our Swansboro clinic to set up an initial appointment.