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Rotator cuff treatment in Jacksonville, NC

Rotator Cuff Treatment

The rotator cuff is a system of soft tissue, muscles and tendons, surrounding the shoulder joint. This group of connective tissue helps join the arm to the shoulder and, as the name implies, allows for the complex rotational movement required of this joint.

Like many of the other joints in the body, the rotator cuff is particularly prone to injuries due to the high load placed on the shoulders from basic activities like lifting objects and swinging the arms. Specific injuries to the rotator cuff can include strained muscles, sprained ligaments and tears to both. This is a common location for athletic injuries, particularly in sports like baseball, golf, tennis and swimming that require heavy arm swinging and rotation.

Rotator cuff injuries can be particularly frustrating by impairing the movement required for basic activities, physical jobs and favorite sports. If you’re a Jacksonville, North Carolina, resident seeking rotator cuff treatment, we want to help you learn about your options for relief. Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy has two clinics serving patients in Jacksonville.

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Physical therapy for rotator cuff treatment

With rest and basic treatments like compression, heat and ice, minor rotator cuff injuries can improve within a few days to a week. To avoid any kind of injury, it’s important to stay hydrated, perform gentle shoulder stretches, use proper lifting technique and avoid overexerting yourself.

You should seek medical attention if pain or limited mobility lasts longer than a week or suddenly worsens. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so when in doubt, see a doctor or other medical professional. Avoiding prompt treatment can turn an injury such as a strain or sprain into a tear that may require more serious attention.

When seeing a physical therapist for rotator cuff injury treatment, the objective is to assess strength and stability in the shoulder and review injury and treatment history to develop a personalized care plan that can include:

  • Postural exercises — These take strain off the rotator cuff that can be caused by issues such as slouching or drooping shoulders.

  • Strength and stability exercises — The intention here is to address muscle imbalances and weaknesses that contribute to rotator cuff injury.

  • Manual therapy — This method can actively improve range of motion and activate stiff connective tissue.

  • Aquatic therapy — By using the natural resistance and buoyancy of water, we can boost the effectiveness of therapeutic shoulder exercises.

Physical therapy expertise in Jacksonville

When you come to either of our Peak Performance clinics in Jacksonville, you can expect a patient-centered experience and a highly customized rotator cuff treatment plan from our caring and expertly trained staff. Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment.