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Three benefits of physical therapy for hip pain treatment

Physical Therapy for Hip Pain

Whether it’s caused by a muscle strain, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis or any other cause, hip pain can take you away from your favorite people and activities and diminish your quality of life. If you’re not finding the relief you need from treatments like medication or injections, physical therapy is an option that brings many people relief and helps them return to an active lifestyle.

At Peak Performance Sports and Physical Therapy, our expert clinicians provide one-on-one hip pain treatment designed to give you lasting relief. If you’re trying to decide if physical therapy could be right for you, we’ve created the following guide to a few of the major benefits that physical therapy can offer. You can learn more about our caring staff and our therapeutic options by contacting us today.

Why physical therapy for hip pain treatment?

Physical therapy is a discipline built around using the body to treat issues affecting the musculoskeletal system. Because of this basic approach, physical therapy is able to offer the following benefits to patients with hip pain:

  • It’s all natural — Other treatments like medication can bring temporary relief, but this is only masking the pain. A physical therapist uses the body itself, through stretches and exercises, to achieve results.
  • It improves range of motion — Physical therapy is not just about pain relief, it’s designed to promote the long-term health and function of the body. In many cases, hip pain can be rooted in issues such as a mechanical difficulty or muscle imbalance. A physical therapist can help increase range of motion through targeted techniques.
  • It increases strength and stability — Hip pain can also develop because of the amount of pressure placed on this all-important joint from daily movement and our own body weight. With exercises that can strengthen and stabilize the surrounding muscles, physical therapy can relieve this pressure, potentially helping with pain and prevention of future injuries.

Hip pain treatment at Peak Performance

When you come to us, one of our compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable therapists will provide a full evaluation to determine the causes of your hip pain. We will then make custom-tailored recommendations on specific treatment methods that can work for you. If you want to learn more about how our physical therapy can help relieve your hip pain, contact one of our representatives today to schedule your initial appointment.